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February 1st, 2014

January’s Top Ten

These are the top ten most read articles on FOSS Force during the month of January:

1. Firefox OS: The Return of Microsoft’s Netscape Fears by Christine Hall. Published January 10, 2014. A look at Firefox OS’s use of HTML5 and what impact that might have on other operating systems.

2. Blame FUD for Microsoft’s Dominance in Schools by Ken Starks. Published January 16, 2014. Mr. Starks attempts to get information from the Austin, Texas school board on their contract with Microsoft.

3. You Say GIMP Was Right FOSS Force Staff Report. Published January 22, 2014. A look at the results of our FOSS Force poll that dealt with GIMP’s decision to pull out of SourceForge.

4. Lumpis Linux: A Windows User’s Dream if I Ever Did See One by Ken Starks. Published January 2, 2014. How to get someone adamantly opposed to moving away from Windows to give Linux a try.

5. Those Krazy Kids & KDE by Ken Starks. Published January 13, 2014. A group of kids learning Linux get to choose which desktop environment they prefer.

6. Chrome Eavesdropping, Balkanized Internet & More… FOSS Force Staff Report. Published January 25, 2014. The Target credit card breach, HP’s return to Windows 7, a vulnerability in the Chrome browser and the reactions abroad to the NSA scandal are all covered in this Week in Review.

7. Rollapp’s Online LibreOffice Nearly Ready for Prime Time – But Not Yet by Christine Hall. Published January 7, 2014. A review of Rollapp, a service offering online, browser based versions of LibreOffice and other open source programs.

8.Why Did Linux Mint Ax mintConstructor? by Ken Starks. Published January 29, 2014. What do you do when a tool you use is suddenly pulled from your distro of choice?

9. Dammit Jim, I’m a Doctor, Not a Computer Engineer by Ken Starks. Published January 8, 2014. College bound high schoolers express their opinions on how we’ll interface with computers in the future.

10. Is Red Hat Working for the NSA? by Christine Hall. Published January 23, 2014. There are some who are convinced that Red Had is secretly working with the NSA by building back doors into RHEL. Ms. Hall thinks not. What do you think?

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