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March 5th, 2014

Great Wide Open

April 2, 2014 – April 4, 2014 all-day
200 Peachtree Special Events & Conference Center
200 Peachtree St NW; Atlanta

Some of the best and most well known speakers in the open source/tech/web industries will attend and speak. This is a great opportunity to hear and meet them in a personal setting. It’s rare for this many great speakers to be in one place at one time where it’s easy to talk and exchange cards, etc. We’ve attended too many huge conferences that were, ironically, too big.

The most relevant technologies will be covered – a great educational opportunity

Some of the most relevant and in demand technologies will be discussed. Whether you’re a developer, programmer, scientist, data or system administrator, CIO, CTO, IT manager, or just someone interested in what’s coming next you’ll find sessions for you. Just some of the sessions/technologies include:

CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers of all types: (the business issues specific to open source)

Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks: An Overview and the implications for free & open source software
Profiting with Open Source: An Introduction to Open Source Licensing and Business Models
Creating an Open Source Policy – Why and How
Open Source lessons learned – 30 years of experience to OpenStack, with Mark Atwood, Open Source Manager, Hewlett Packard
An Enterprise Open Source Strategy – whether you realize it or not, chances are your company is using open source. You better have a strategy.
Open Source: From Community to Company – taking an open source project and turning it into a company, with Joel Esler of the Snort project and CISCO/Sourcefire

Python in the Enterprise – Python 3+, with Lynn Root, Python Foundation Board member and San Francisco PyLadies+
Drupal in the Enterprise – Drupal 8 features/updates, why and how more enterprises are using Drupal, with Angie Byron of Acquia
Databases in the Cloud, for Developers – A 2.5 hour workshop hosted by Ines Sombra, Lead Data Engineer at Engine Yard
The Rendering Revolution: Building Apps in the Browser with Ember.JS – with Trek Glowacki, Core Team Member and Senior Engineer at Groupon
Introduction to Saas and Haml – Hosted by Hampton Catlin, creator of Saas and Haml/author
Case Study – The Weather Channel transitioned to open source and Drupal with Learn why and how. With Mediacurrent and The Weather Channel.
Git and GitHub in the Enterprise: Why and How – a 1.5 hour workshop, with Jordan McCullough of GitHub
Open Source and the Twitter Stack – with Chris Aniszycyk, Head of Open Source @ Twitter, Eclipse Foundation Board
Design – with J Cornelius, President of Nine Labs
Application Development, From Beginning to End: What tools exist for entire lifecycle of prototyping through testing, tool features, how to choose technologies, etc. **This 45 minute session will save you weeks if not months of time.**
Design a Good API and Why It Matters – with Ross Mason, founder of Mulesoft, Creator of the Mule Project
Building Faster and More Secure Web Applications with Rails 4 – with Steve Klabnik, well known Rails author
RUST – Features of the very hot open source systems programming language from Mozilla, with Steve Klabnik, author and well known open source contributor
API Centric Applications Development
Developing Joomla Applications: David Hurley, Joomla Community Dev Mgr & Production Leadership
Running an Open Source Project: From Zero to Sixty – A real life case study of the very successful, well known application Glimpse, from a developers standpoint
Open Source: From Community to Company – taking an open source project and turning it into a company, with Joel Esler of the Snort project and CISCO/Firesource
OS Culture & Legacy Code – A situation developers have to balance and navigate, with John Paul, Lead Technical Architect @ Conde Nast
Automate Your Web Development with Grunt – with Russell Fair, Lead Developer, Cheri Media
Introducing Titanium: Native Mobile Apps with Javascript – with Tom Wilson, President of Jack Russell Software.
Backbone & Jquery Plugins – with John Paul, Lead Technical Architect at Conde Nast
HTML5 Hybrid Mobile Development using Eclipse – with Burr Sutter of Red Hat
Engineers, Scientists, Database and System Administrators:

Database Day – Wednesday, April 2. Join some of the top experts in the world as we spend a day comparing open source databases. If you use databases, this is a tremendous opportunity to compare the leading databases back-to-back. Includes:

What Freaking Database Should I Use?– with Andrew Oliver, President of Open Software Integrators
MySQL – latest news and updates – with MySQL Community Manager Dave Stokes
MariaDB for the Enterprise – with Max Mether, co-founder of SkySQL
PostreSQL – 9.3 features and 9.4 preview, with Craig Kerstiens of Heroku, also serves as Curator of Postgres Weekly and
MongoDB – with Robert Stam of 10gen
We take a close look at Big Data and Analytics on Wedneday, April 2:

Open Source Tools for Data Scientists – A run down and comparison of what’s available, with Charlie Greenbacker, Chief Scientist at Altimira, founder of CLAVIN
Hadoop & Open Source Integration – with Eli Collins, Chief Technologist @ Cloudera
Big Data Analytics with R, the open source programming language – the #1 choice of data scientists – with Derek Norton, Revolution Analytics
Big Data Analytics Tools for the Enterprise, with Pivotal
Big Data Analytics in Data Center Management – SDN; Managing the cloud smart
We take a close look at the Cloud on Thursday afternoon, April 3:

Crash Course in Open Source Cloud Computing – with Mark Hinkle, Sr. Director of Open Source, Citrix
Amazon Web Services, Private Cloud and Open Source – Greg DeKoenigsberg, Eucalyptus Systems
OpenStack – with Nick Chase, Mirantis
Secure Cloud Hosting: Real Requirements to Protect your Data – Chris Hinkley, Senior Scurity Engineer, FireHost
We’ll look at Administration Topics on Thursday also:

Infrastructure Management and Open Source Tools – Vagrant, Ansible and Packer
An Overview of Next Generation Filesystems: ZFS & BTR – What they are, what your choices are, and why you want them – with Jim Salter, System Administrator and Ars Technica author
Introduction To Infrastructure as Code & Automation, Introduction to Chef – Nathen Harvey, Technical Community Manager, Chef
Software Defined Networking: The OpenDaylight Project – with David Meyer, CTO & Chief Scientist, Brocade
Software Defined Storage/CEPH – What (distributed, open APIs)
Locking Down a Box 101/Hardening RHEL systems
LibreOffice for the Desktop – a 2.5 hour workshop, led by Italo Vignali, Head of The Document Foundation
Next Generation Filesystem Replication
Anyone interested in Security, a huge topic in open source today, we’ll look at it on Thursday, April 3:

How the Cyber Security of the US Depends on Open Source – hosted by Doug Maughn, Director/Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology, Cyber Security
Cloud Security
Application Security on a Dime – A practical guide to using functional open source tools to test, validate, harden code, systems, and even people.
What’s Hiding in Your Software Components? Hidden Risks of Component-Based Software
Managing Risks in Component-based development
Emerging – Hot Topics and Issues

Open source and open data in the White House, with Leigh Heyman, Executive Office of the President
Open data and open government matter, with Clay Johnson, author of The Information Diet, co-founder of Blue State Digital
Open Source All the Cities – open government and open data at the city level, with Jason Hibbets, Director of
HTML 5 for the mobile web – Firefox OS, with Jason Weathersby of Mozilla
Open Sourcing Hardware – with Chris Clark, Director of IT @ Sparkfun Electronics

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