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About Sponsorship

There are two ways to advertise on FOSS Force. By far the easiest, and perhaps less costly, method is to target ads to our site with an account for a Google owned advertising service such as AdWords. Potential advertisers can click through to establish an account and have ads running on our site very quickly.

The second, and we think more valuable, method is by becoming a FOSS Force sponsor.

We offer two basic types of sponsorship, business and personal. A business sponsorship offers not only a valuable advertising platform for your enterprise, it broadcasts your interest in GPL compatible open source software to a targeted audience. In keeping with our support of free speech, any legitimate business can become a sponsor of our site.

FOSS Force’s editorial policy remains independent of any sponsorship considerations. To keep any particular organization from exploiting this program and becoming “too big to fail,” thereby creating an ethical issue, we limit the number of sponsors and set exact guidelines on the details of every level of sponsorship.

Business Sponsorship Plans

Level Ad position Cost Avaliability
Level 1 Leaderboard ad at the top of every page. $125.00 monthly 3
Level 2 Wide skyscraper in left column above the fold. $75.00 monthly 2
Level 3 Standard banner at the end of articles. $50.00 monthly 3
Level 4 200px square at top of inner right column on front page. $50.00 monthly 3

A business sponsorship period is for six months, which is payable in advance. Only one sponsorship will be accepted per organization. To request more information, use any of the methods on our Contact page.