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Using Paris Attacks as Excuse to Expand Domestic Spying

It’s no surprise that Friday’s Paris attacks are already being used to push for both more and continued surveillance here in the U.S.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was on Capitol Hill on Tuesday speaking before a House subcommittee, making the case for expanding the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) which compelled telecom companies, Internet providers and some VoIP services to make their networks easier for law enforcement to access. Wheeler would like Congress to consider expanding the scope of the law to include devices such as gaming platforms, which now have capabilities that go beyond mere gaming.

“You read in the press that [the Paris attackers] were using PlayStation 4 games to communicate on,” Wheeler told the subcommittee, “which is outside the scope of anything considered in CALEA, so there’s probably opportunities to update the ‘lawful intercept’ concept.”

Fossetcon Call for Papers

The Second Annual Fossetcon Conference, which is scheduled to be held at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Florida on November 19-21 has announced its Call for Papers on the conference website. According to the site, the call is officially open until August 17, but might be extended if certain conditions, such as “speaker diversity, relevant content and or lack of submissions” are not met.

The website lists some specifics that the organization is seeking:

MS Supports SSH, Keeping Up With the Kubuntus & More…

FOSS Week in Review

How can it be Friday already? Not that I’m complaining, but it seems like only a few hours ago I was posting a story about SouthEast LinuxFest (more on SELF below) and now I’m collecting the week’s highlights, sins and foibles and giving them to you as this week’s wrap-up.

OpenSSH logoOpenSSH logoMicrosoft joins the 21st Century: Our friends in Redmond — you know, the folks who love FOSS so much that they want to hug us to death, literally (in the traditional sense of the word) — have decided to provide support for SSH in their own PowerShell, according to various articles this week. We’re going to link to one in The Register, because any story with a sub-headline “Now that the door has hit Ballmer on the way out, OpenSSH support is go” is one you just have to go with.

FOSS Force’s Future Is in Your Hands

Less than sixteen $20 contributions daily needed to meet our goal.

We can do this!

100 dollar bill100 dollar billWe’re 31 days into our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign — known as our May Pledge Drive until we extended the expiration date to June 15 — and as of this morning we’ve raised $1,215 dollars. That’s twenty percent of our $6,000 goal. In other words, it’s not nearly enough.

Under our current plans to pay our writers, this amount will only be enough to fund us for barely over a month. If we spread it thin, it’ll be enough to keep our writers minimally paid for seven weeks — nowhere near the six months we need if we’re to get this expansion of FOSS Force off the ground.