Inkscape 0.92 Is Released

Inkscape 0.92

Wednesday saw the official release of Inkscape 0.92. Eleven months in the making, this version comes with many improvements, including mesh gradients, an improved Pencil tool that features interactive smoothing and much more.

The […]

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Using Inkscape in Cartography

Inkscape logo

There are literally thousands of practical uses for the free and open source Inkscape vector graphics editor. Here, we get a glimpse at how mapmakers can use it in combination with another FOSS tool.


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Learning Inkscape by Video

The Video Screening Room Another great video tutorial for learning how to use a free and open source program. This time it’s the popular vector drawing program, Inkscape.

Inkscape is a top-notch, free open source […]

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Learn Inkscape Ins and Outs Using Videos

Inkscape logo

The FOSS Force Screening Room

Sometimes learning how to use software such as Inkscape only seems difficult because you don’t have anyone to show you how it’s done.

I’d like to kick off […]

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