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April 1st, 2016

March’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of March, 2016.

1. Microsoft Does to Oracle What Oracle Tried To Do to Red Hat by Christine Hall. Published March 14, 2016. In 2006, Oracle began trying to abscond with RHEL’s paying user base. In March, Microsoft announced that it’s now going to give Oracle a similar treatment. What’s that they say about paybacks?

2. The Great 2016 Dell Latitude Massacre by Ken Starks. Published March 29, 2016. The story of a donation that should have happened, but didn’t.

3. SCO Is Undeniably and Reliably Dead by Christine Hall. Published February 29. 2016. We were wrong. We forgot that a zombie can’t be killed.

4. Verizon Case Illustrates Why We Need a Linux Phone by Christine Hall. Published March 18, 2016. There are plenty of reasons to be anticipating the arrival of GNU/Linux phones and tablets. Verizon Wireless this month gave us another.

5. SCO Again Returns From Dead by FOSS Force staff. Published March 30, 2019. Ding-dong! The witch is alive. SCO intends to file an appeal over the dismissal of its case against IBM.

6. A Usability Study of GNOME by Gina Dobrescu and Jim Hall. Published March 22, 2016. Both an interesting look at the usability of the GNOME desktop and a tutorial on how to conduct a usability research into a user interface.

7. Why Linux Distros Look Insecure Even Though They’re Not by Robin “Roblimo” Miller. Published March 3, 2016. The transparency of open software means that security vulnerabilities are visible and can’t be quietly swept under the rug.

8. LibreOffice 5.1.1 Released With New Features Added by FOSS Force Staff. Published March 10, 2016. Version 5.1.1 of LibreOffice includes numerous bug fixes and adds many new features.

9. Beware the Pis of March by Isaac Carter. Published March 30, 2016. It’s beyond amazing how many different projects people have created for the Raspberry Pi. This article takes a look at four which are particularly noteworthy.

10. Oops! We Broke the DRM on This Blu-ray by Ken Starks. Published March 22, 2016. Looking for a way to store a Blu-ray movie on a hard drive and finding it.

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