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FOSS Force News Wire

The FOSS Force News Wire pulls mostly FOSS related news stories from a variety of sources and is updated every 30 minutes. The News Wire is also available as an RSS feed at

  • Why Open Source Is a Catalyst for Effective MLOps
    The flexibility of open source software can fuel the development of MLOps practices.... Read more
    Source: ITPro Today Published: 1 hour ago
  • Understanding Linux System Calls With the strace Command
    When programs running on Linux want to use the resources managed by the operating system (reading files, creating processes, etc.), they make system calls to the OS. System calls work at the kernel level and perform the necessary operations, leaving control back to the calling program. The strace tool provides... Read more
    Source: LXer Published: 1 hour ago
  • Linux To Introduce The Ability To Set The Hostname Before Userspace Starts
    While the hostname on Linux systems is widely relied upon for different applications, setting the hostname is usually left up to user-space by the init system at boot. However, should any user-space processes try to read the system hostname prior to it being set, it could lead to unintended results.... Read more
    Source: Phoronix Published: 2 hours ago
  • More Details: Sony Reportedly Telling Its Game Studios Not To Comment On Abortion Issue
    We had just discussed PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan’s somewhat bizarre email to his staff in the wake of the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion that signaled an end to Roe v. Wade being the law of the land. What started off as a reasonable request to respect the spectrum of opinions... Read more
    Source: Techdirt Published: 3 hours ago By Dark Helmet
  • Mesa 22.1 Released with Improvements for Elden Ring, Apex Legends, Zink, and More
    Today, the Mesa 22.1 open-source graphic stack series has been released as another significant update for open-source graphics drivers on GNU/Linux distributions bringing many new features and improvements.... Read more
    Source: LXer Published: 4 hours ago By Marius Nestor
  • Secure Open Source Software Is Helping Enterprises Find Their Edge
    While businesses are benefiting from open source software, security needs to be tightened. Here's how the Open Source Security Foundation is helping to make open source secure.... Read more
    Source: ITPro Today Published: 4 hours ago By Rick Dagley
  • My DEI Journey
    After watching the first Making Our Strong Community Stronger panel on “How Personal Experiences Shape Corporate Inclusion,” I was very interested in the topic and engaged my management team to see what I could do to help in the effort. As a result, I was given the opportunity to participate... Read more
    Source: LXer Published: 5 hours ago
  • Red Hat Leftovers/Puff Pieces
    Red Hat’s The State of Enterprise Open Source report: Highlights from the government sector [Ed: Red Hat does not lead by example] Red Hat’s fourth annual The State of Enterprise Open Source report highlights how organizations have adapted to new ways of operating — whether due to external forces... Read more
    Source: Tux Machines Published: 6 hours ago By Roy Schestowitz
  • Software: Inkscape, Docspell, and Organize
    What Is Inkscape and What Can You Do With It? The first time I heard the word Inkscape, I thought it was Ink-escape, alluding to the ease of use of the software, just like an imaginary ink escaping from your mind to the software to bring forth the magnificent... Read more
    Source: Tux Machines Published: 6 hours ago By Roy Schestowitz
  • Videos: GTK, Nvidia, and More
    Building a GTK App With Haskell (In Under An Hour) - Invidious A couple of months back, I did a video on creating my very first GTK app using Haskell. And it was a lot of fun! So let's continue along on this journey. Today, I'm creating a GTK... Read more
    Source: Tux Machines Published: 6 hours ago By Roy Schestowitz
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