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AlmaLinux Becomes More Than Just Another RHEL Clone With 9.3 Release

For the first time in its three year's of existence, AlmaLinux didn't release its new version within hours of a new RHEL release. That's because AlmaLinux is no longer just a copy and paste RHEL clone.

Doordash Does a Thing for Safety and Wants Credit for Doing What Should Be Expected

DoorDash thinks we're supposed to be impressed that it's working to keep its drivers safe. We ask, isn't that just what they should be expected to do? We have a suggestion about something they should do if they really want to impress us with their efforts.

Former Wikimedia CEO, Katherine Maher, Takes Reins at Web Summit to Do Damage Control

New CEO comes to helm as companies like Google, Meta, and TikTok pull out of the Lisbon-based mega-conference in response to accusations from the event's founder and former CEO that Israel is committing "war crimes."

Roundup: War’s Effect on Gaza Tech, Microsoft’s Howto for Installing Linux; California’s Right to Repair Law, and More

This week FOSS News Roundup also includes a list of some goodies coming to KDE Plasma 6.

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