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Poker & DEF CON: Bet Your Rights at EFF’s Benefit Poker Tournament on August 9 in Vegas

Cory Doctorow will be playing emcee, and writer and security expert Tarah Wheeler will be offering last minute down-and-dirty tips on how to play the game. Have fun; maybe win a little money; maybe lose some. It's for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a good cause that benefits us all.

Free Software Pioneer and Activist John Gilmore Is Among Three New Board Members at FSF

The Free Software Foundation might be getting itself back on track as the radical watchdog for copyleft and free software with the appointment of free software activist and pioneer John Gilmore to its board of directors.

No Need to Move From CentOS 7 by June 30 If You Have Aftermarket Support

Although Sunday will be the last day that CentOS 7 will be officially supported, you don't have to move to something else right away. There are plenty of support services you can use to keep your workloads safe and secure until you're ready to migrate.

In a Feel Good Moment, Linux 6.10 Makes One Last Change to ReiserFS

In a move towards self-improvement, the creator of ReiserFS and a current resident at California's Soledad prison, asked for a change to be made in the software's README file before support for the software is removed from Linux next year. A Linux kernel programmer honored the request.

Still On CentOS 6? ELevate Can Now Lift and Shift You to a Modern RHEL Clone

If you're still running CentOS 6, you know for a fact that you need to get to another operating system pronto. The folks CloudLinux/AlmaLinux know this, and have made changes to their open-source lift-and-shift tool, ELevate, so that you can now easily move from CentOS 6 to land on the latest version of just about any RHEL look-alike that you want.

AlmaLinux’s New Beta Releases Return Support for Devices Dropped by RHEL

After recently patching a security bug that Red Hat decided not to patch, the RHEL clone AlamaLinux has now returned support for many devices that are no longer supported by RHEL in beta releases of AlmaLinux 9.4 and 8.10.

Gentoo Linux Becomes a Software in the Public Interest Project Because…Bookkeeping and Taxes

The Gentoo Linux distribution is in the process of shuttering its Gentoo Foundation now that it's become a Software in the Public Interest project, which gives it tax exempt status and much, much more.

In a First, AlmaLinux Patches a Security Hole That Remains Unpatched in Upstream RHEL

AlmaLinux can now develop and apply security patches and bug fixes ahead of RHEL, because it no longer seeks to be a line-by-line exact copy of Red Hat's operating system.

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