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Did You Know That DreamWorks MoonRay Renderer Is Open Source? It Is, and It Just Got Upgraded!

DreamWorks first released its rendering platform as open-source under the name OpenMoonRay in March, 2023. Earlier this week the software received its first upgrade. These…

Israel’s War With Hamas Moves Debian’s DebConf24 to Busan, South Korea

DebConf24 which was originally scheduled to be held in Haifa, Israel will now be held in Busan, South Korea at a venue that will be announced at a later date. Here's what we know about the new host city.

Is Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker Getting Out While the Getting’s Good?

Last week Mozilla's $7 million dollar CEO Mitchell Baker announced that she was stepping away from the C-suite, although she'll remain onboard as chairperson of both Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation.

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