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Posts published in “Politics”

Former Wikimedia CEO, Katherine Maher, Takes Reins at Web Summit to Do Damage Control

New CEO comes to helm as companies like Google, Meta, and TikTok pull out of the Lisbon-based mega-conference in response to accusations from the event's founder and former CEO that Israel is committing "war crimes."

EFF’s Two New Board Members Bring Equality and Security Cred to the Table

Two new seats on EFF's board are filled by Erica Astrella and Yoshi Kohno, who bring valuable experience in diversity, equity, inclusion, security research, and data privacy to the table.

Consequence of Ottawa’s ‘Link Tax’ Dampens News on Canadian Wildfires

Canadians in wildfire ravaged areas can't swap important and potentially life saving news stories on Facebook as a result of the country's recently passed news link law.

Will the European Cyber Resilience Act Kill Open Source Software?

Gaël Duval, the founder of /e/OS, as well as founder and CEO at Murena (but you may remember him best as the founder of Mandrake Linux), explains why the EU's proposed Cyber Resilience Act as written would have a damaging effect on open-source.

Why It Was Important to Translate Linux Foundation Training Manuals to Ukrainian

The software industry plays a large role in Ukraine's economy, with many Ukrainian developers working remotely from Ukraine for software vendors located in the EU, UK, and US. Training manuals in the Ukrainian language will help veterans of Ukraine's military struggles against Russia take advantage of this opportunity.

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