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Posts published in “Open-Source”

Upbound Donates Upjet Code Generator Framework to CNCF’s Crossplane Project

A little over three years ago, Unbound donated its Crossplane framework to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation where it has thrived. On Tuesday, the company donated Upjet, a framework it's designed to be used with Crossplane, to CNCF.

The AlmaLinux Dilemma: When Upstream Suddenly Disappears

"I wanted to know about how the folks at Alma felt about the recently formed cartel that includes never to be trusted Oracle; SUSE, which is recovering from a case of Stockholm syndrome that was brought about by several decades of abuse by Novell and the other owners that followed; and Kurtzer's Rocky Linux, which might be a fox or might be a lamb, I haven't yet decided."

Will the European Cyber Resilience Act Kill Open Source Software?

Gaël Duval, the founder of /e/OS, as well as founder and CEO at Murena (but you may remember him best as the founder of Mandrake Linux), explains why the EU's proposed Cyber Resilience Act as written would have a damaging effect on open-source.

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