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Comic-Con and FOSS Comic Book Solutions

After whetting his appetite at this year’s Comic-Con, our resident Linux newbie discovers free and open source apps for reading digital comics, as well as a treasure trove of available sources for free comics online.

The Linux Gadabout

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has come to a close and baby, I got the blues. On one hand, I really don’t like crowds. On the other hand, there’s something inspiring about experiencing more than 130,000 geeks — many of them dressed like superheroes, supervillains, and other denizens from the realm of science fiction and fantasy — annually invading downtown San Diego for the better part of a week. So even during the years I don’t attend the convention itself, I usually make it to the general vicinity of the convention center to behold the chaotic spectacle of it all.

Man of War comics

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