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Writers’ Guidelines

At FOSS Force, we’re always on the lookout for articles that would be of interest to our readership. However, we are primarily interested in working with experienced and established writers, which means that writers who have experience either writing for newspapers, magazines or other websites, or who have been regularly writing a blog for a year or more, have a better chance of having articles accepted by us.

The best way to determine if we might be interested your article idea is to send a query through our contact form with a short summary of what you have in mind. In your query, be sure to include both information about the article you are interested in writing, as well as some information about your experience as a writer. Please include links to examples of your writing if available.

Remember, our site serves a readership interested in free and open source software (FOSS), so any article ideas you have need to be connected with FOSS in one way or another.

Do we pay our writers?

Yes and no. At this time, we are able to pay the writers who work with us on a regular basis, and who have the title of either “contributing writer” or “contributing editor.” However, we generally do not have the funds to pay writers for a one-time submission, although exceptions can be made in certain cases if we consider the story important enough.

If you would be interested in joining our team and becoming a regular contributing writer at FOSS Force, you can inquire through our contact form. In this case, in addition to giving us an overview of your background as a writer, please give us some information about your areas of expertise in open source software and a little information about why you would like to work with us.

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