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February 9th, 2014

WordPress Plugin Available for ‘The Day We Fight Back’

Publishers of web sites using the WordPress platform who would like to participate in The Day We Fight Back on Tuesday might be interested in knowing there’s a plugin available. The plugin will put a “The Day We Fight Back” banner on a site for twenty-four hours beginning at midnight, February 11th. From the banner, U.S. visitors will be able to directly connect with their local representative in Washington, either by phone or by email, to support legislation protecting us from unconstitutional spying by the NSA. Visitors from locations outside the U.S. will be presented with a petition to sign. The plugin makes installing the banner much easier for those maintaining WordPress sites.

There is also code available that can be copied manually into any website just before the “end body” tag.

The WordPress plugin can be found here.

The code to insert manually into any website can be found here.

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