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Posts published in “Internet”

Consequence of Ottawa’s ‘Link Tax’ Dampens News on Canadian Wildfires

Canadians in wildfire ravaged areas can't swap important and potentially life saving news stories on Facebook as a result of the country's recently passed news link law.

What Does Linux Have in Common With ‘The Barrel of Rock’?

Much like Linux had trouble gaining users back in the day because the general public didn't know about it, independent online radio stations like The Barrel of Rock are having trouble finding an audience because potential listeners can't wade through tens of thousands of music radio stations to find them.

Brave: A Great Browser With a Questionable Business Model

This look at the open source Brave Browser is the first of five articles that FOSS Force will be running in January that will look at five web browsers that are alternatives to the dominate browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Next week we'll be taking an in-depth dive into Vivaldi.

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