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January’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of January, 2015.

1. Saying Goodbye to Java the Hard Way by Ken Starks. Published January 20, 2015. A look across the chasm between FOSS idealism and FOSS pragmatism.

2. Top Ten Things Linux Users Say About systemd by FOSS Force staff. Published January 24, 2015. A humorous look at those who argue for and against systemd.

3. ‘Linux Advocates’ Throws in […]

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Update, The Last Ken

Ken is home now and he’s writing emails. We know this, because we got one already. His friend Ed Matthews has also been being kept informed, and this is his latest dispatch:

Ken has been home 24 plus hours

Got to talk with Diane a little after lunch. Ken was asleep and Roxie, her daughter in law, was out getting groceries to fill their pantry and freezer. She’s a big help right now.

Ken walks […]

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Update: Ken’s Getting Back to His Old Cantankerous Self

It’s all good news on the Ken front.

On the same day that we posted our last update, we received an actual honest-to-goodness email from Ken, who certainly wasn’t short of things to complain about. The short of the matter is that he’s in a hurry to get out of the hospital and back home. We replied by sending him an email explaining that now we’ve seen he can write emails and all, we’re accepting […]

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Mea Culpas & Cranky Patients Named Ken

FOSS Week in Review

One of the most discussed items of the week, arriving with much fanfare, comes from our friends at Canonical/Ubuntu, who brought you Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu Edge — oh wait, they said they’d bring them but never actually delivered — and who now wants to be the operating system behind the nebulously termed “Internet of Things.”

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols starts with a mea culpa in his ZDNet article for assuming […]

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Update: Slight Setback for Ken

We were hoping that we wouldn’t need to update you on Ken Starks’ condition again until either we heard from him or he’s released from the hospital. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be the case. When we heard from Ed Matthews this afternoon, we learned that Ken’s suffered a minor setback in his recovery, with the keyword being “minor.”

Still, a setback is a setback.


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