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FOSS Reporter Blues


Go grab some coffee and come back to visit with me. I want to explain something that is getting mixed up a bit in the re-telling.

Christine Hall runs one of the most up-and-coming Linux and FOSS websites on the web today. She pretty much runs it all by herself, working into the wee […]

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Taking Ubuntu’s Monkey for a Ride

Vervet and child


That seems to be the response from desktop users and reviewers of Ubuntu’s latest and greatest, 15.04 or Vivid Vervet. The server and cloud crowd are all abuzz, tearing this baby down to see what it can do. But for the desktop folks — not so much. About all you read is that the […]

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Linux Minty Fresh, Zuul Logo & Weighing In on SCALE

FOSS Week in Review

With colleagues like mine, you can rest assured everything is covered. From FOSS Force columnist Ken Starks’ friendship column this week to Christine Hall’s commentary on the contiuous battles free and open source software developers and advocates face, the week has been a very thoughtful and reflective one in the FOSS […]

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What Operating Systems Do You Use?

Linux's Tux

There was a time, back before smartphones and tablets, when most of us used, at most, only three operating systems. Indeed, for the average computer user there was only one operating system that mattered and that was Windows, which held a 95% market share. Even those of us who used Linux or Apple at home […]

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Linux for Seniors 101

exploding computer

In my age group I am an anomaly. I turned 60 years old last September, a birthday I wasn’t supposed to see. Any time you can ignore a doctor’s prognosis of terminal, I suggest you do it. It worked out well for me. But no, beating cancer to this point isn’t what puts me into […]

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