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Lumina Desktop Getting Ready for FreeBSD 11.0

Larry the BSD Guy

The BSD licensed Lumina Desktop aims to release version 1.0 in July.

It appears the sun is rising on Lumina.

Ken Moore, the lead developer for the BSD-based Lumina Desktop Environment, announced that another step towards the release of a full-fledged desktop environment for BSD variants (and Linux distros, for that matter) has been achieved with the release of version 0.8.8 yesterday.

For those of you keeping score at home, the Lumina Desktop Environment — let’s just call it Lumina for short — is a lightweight, XDG-compliant, BSD-licensed desktop environment focusing on getting work done while minimizing system overhead. Specifically designed for PC-BSD and FreeBSD, it has also been ported to many other BSD variants and Linux distros. Lumina is based on the Qt graphical toolkit and the Fluxbox window manager, and uses a small number of X utilities for various tasks.

Getting LibreOffice to Do the Write Thing

It can be difficult…coming before a large number of people, in person as well as on the Web. It can be even more difficult to bring forward a problem, when the problem may be perceived as just so much crybaby noise. But as long as the problem is important enough to merit premium black pixels on a white background, all the crybaby labels in the ‘verse are worth it.

no changes in LibreOfficeno changes in LibreOfficeThe problem is just One Little Thing…something so infinitesimal that it would be easy to gloss over and wave one’s hand in dismissal.

A Christmas Story

Raggedy Ann dollRaggedy Ann dollThis story first appeared in the December 20, 2000 issue of the weekly entertainment print publication ESP Magazine.

Jenny was awakened about ten o’clock on Christmas Eve by a noise coming from the living room downstairs. She knew that it was her mother and father putting the Christmas gifts under the tree and filling the stockings, so that in the morning they could claim it was all the work of Santa Claus. For a moment she laid in bed listening, huddling under the covers as the street light cast a cool glow through the window, illuminating a bedroom filled with dolls.

Indeed, the room had the appearance of a doll museum. Scattered around were Cabbage Patch Kids and Tickle Me Elmos. There were dolls that talked, dolls that wet, dolls that moved their arms and legs, dolls that cried, dolls that gurgled, and dolls that opened and closed their eyes. There was also every type of Barbie imaginable, even some that looked like Barbie but were not. In fact, there was every kind of doll a little girl could want except one. There was no plain and simple Raggedy Ann.