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Top 10 Reasons Why Red Hat is Moving to Downtown Raleigh

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means? Even if we can’t get Christine to wake-up long enough to write one of her articles, you can always depend on us to be here like clockwork for the Top 10 List.

A while back, Red Hat announced they might be leaving the big city of Raleigh to find a new location to continue tweaking their code. A little later, they announced they’d decided to remain in the North Carolina capital city after all – but they’d be looking for new digs since they were getting somewhat crowded at their old location. This week they announced they’d found their new home, a big ol’ office tower in Raleigh’s downtown.

Obviously, much thought went into the decisions to stay in Raleigh and in deciding where in the city to relocate. Since we’re located just up the road from them, in Winston-Salem, we were able to infiltrate their organization with one of our agents, code name Ms. Dos, who was able to discover the Top 10 reasons why Red Hat is moving to downtown Raleigh…

  1. “Fedoras and panama suits are always in style!”
  2. “Moonshine – America’s open source likker.”
  3. “That wacky way the city ignores all rules of spelling.”
  4. “How ’bout them Canes, eh?”
  5. North Carolina – if it’s good enough for FOSS Force, it’s good enough for us!”
  6. “We never feel obliged to make an appearance at one of Larry Ellison’s parties.”
  7. “Cheap cigarette taxes!”
  8. “Tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes and unbearably hot and sweltering summers – what more could you want?”
  9. “Nightlife and big city sophistication!”
  10. “Tax incentives.”

Well, that’s the top ten reasons why Red Hat is moving to downtown Raleigh from our viewpoint. Perhaps you’ll have a reason or two of your own to post below…

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