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‘Hello World’s’ Indiegogo Campaign a Big Success

It’s all over for Hello World’s fundraising campaign on Indiegogo — and what a success it was.

You may remember that the project, which makes short educational videos on Linux and other tech subjects, began a crowdsourcing campaign on September 10th, hoping to raise $2,048 needed to purchase new equipment. On October 9th we reported that the project had exceeded its goal, with a total at that time of $3,145. The campaign ended nine days ago, on October 20th, with the total raised at $3,705 or 181 percent of the target.

This morning, JR Nielsen, who heads the project in tandem with his brother Jared, told FOSS Force:

“We are extremely grateful for the generous contributions to our campaign, and are thrilled to be able to complete our vision for The Hello World Program. We have seen incredible growth in our audience since we launched our Indiegogo campaign, with our YouTube subscribers and daily web site visits more than doubling. We cannot thank everyone enough for the continued support and encouraging remarks. We are already hard at work on the new series, and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

It’s nice when a story such as this ends happily, eh?

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