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Tux Machines DDOS Attack Mostly Contained

For nearly a month now, we at FOSS Force have had no trouble reaching the popular FOSS sites Tux Machines and TechRights. Both sites are published by Roy Schestowitz and both sites, especially the former, had been offline during much of September due to a prolonged DDOS attack.

On October 4th, when we last reported on this, accessibility to both sites was greatly improved but still somewhat spotty. During most of this month, however, we’ve had no noticeable difficulty reaching either site.

According to Schestowitz, although the site continues to be under fire, he and his team have developed methods to deal with the attacks.

“The DDOS attacks against both sites are still going on,” he wrote last night in an email in response to our query. “There’s now an aggressive filtering software in place banning a lot of machines which it suspects to be part of the attacks. It helps reduce the frequency of downtime.”

That’s good news. Although we have no idea of the traffic figures for TechRights, it’s certainly a popular free software site. Tux Machines is probably even more popular, with thousands of visitors daily depending on it for links to the latest news on Linux and FOSS. It’s nice to know it’s seemingly dependable again, even as it continues to come under attack.

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