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Update: Slight Setback for Ken

We were hoping that we wouldn’t need to update you on Ken Starks’ condition again until either we heard from him or he’s released from the hospital. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be the case. When we heard from Ed Matthews this afternoon, we learned that Ken’s suffered a minor setback in his recovery, with the keyword being “minor.”

Still, a setback is a setback.

Ed writes:

Ken had a rough time Monday night and Tuesday. It’s not totally unexpected for things to get uncertain as they change and reduce the medications that keep him going and keep his pain under control. Unfortunately, he took it out on his tubes and connections from his insides to the outside while he was asleep and pulled out his feeding tube and other things.

They had to put him under again to get him reconnected. As rough on his body as general anesthesia was once, having to do it again so soon isn’t a good thing. We’ll hope this didn’t set him back too badly. I don’t believe they took him back to Intensive Care, so he must be at least somewhat stabilized.

As soon as we know anything else, we’ll let you know.

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