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January 17th, 2015

Update: Starks Recovering ‘Better Than Expected’

This morning, Ken Stark’s friend Ed Matthews posted an update on Ken’s condition in the comments to our first update post surgery, which we’re copying here to make it easier to find. It’s pretty much all good news, which is…well, good news.

“Talked with Diane a little while ago. She said Ken is improving and getting a little more active. He has a white board and is using it. Actually, she mentioned the white board more than once and each time said his sense of humor is coming back. If you know Ken…

“They took out his catheter so he’s meeting his requirements as conventionally as you can with a bedpan. He’s still in bed but the hope is to get him up today (Saturday) and into a chair, at least for a while.

“He had asked for his laptop and Diane’s daughter set it up on his table. He has an IV in one hand and an oxygen monitor on the other, so he’s not very free to move around to use it. He hadn’t used it yesterday and I haven’t seen any new articles, so it looks like he’s getting to it slowly.

“His breathing still involves a plastic tube, though it’s not the same one he has had for a while. I didn’t quite understand where that is going and what it will be in the end. At one time Ken said they’d have to wait until the swelling goes down before making some of the decisions.

“The medical folks think he is recovering “well” and have even mentioned going home “early” once or twice. Earlier than what is still up in the air, I think. Diane is a little bit short of panic because she hasn’t heard what care he’s going to need when he gets home and what help (visit nurse, home health aide, etc.) will be provided.

“Diane was getting ready to go to the hospital when we ended. She’s not handling the walking very well, even with her walker, so they’re looking to find her a wheelchair. She’s getting a little rest and, surprisingly, isn’t pushing herself as hard as I was afraid she would. That’s a hopeful sign.”

We are very grateful to Matthews, who prefers to be known as Ed or “Uncle Ed,” for taking the time to keep us updated and to Diane for being Diane.

Other than that, all we have to say is “atta boy Ken — keep it up!”

3 comments to Update: Starks Recovering ‘Better Than Expected’

  • Uncle Ed

    I got an email from Ken Sunday night, about 10 PM Central:

    I just want my pain medcation and go to bed. everything is running together and no one wants to talk to me because I cant write coherrently for them to read.We’ll just hope tomorros gets better. plse let people knoe that its just a huge anithesiologist’s nightmare to come out of and aas I can, I will try to ge3t everyone ansered or at least let thenm kniow I am ok orornt.

    I think he’s asking us to be patient. It’s enough to make me want to do cartwheels that he’s well enough to want to communicate with us–and that somehow he was able to send an email.

  • Good news indeed! Thanks for the update, Ed!

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