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Fossetcon Call for Papers

The Second Annual Fossetcon Conference, which is scheduled to be held at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Florida on November 19-21 has announced its Call for Papers on the conference website. According to the site, the call is officially open until August 17, but might be extended if certain conditions, such as “speaker diversity, relevant content and or lack of submissions” are not met.

The website lists some specifics that the organization is seeking:

“Beginner Talks, beginner material is always needed! Virtualization, NoSQL, Big Data, Security & Privacy, Gaming & Game Development, Modeling Simulation and Training, Future Computing (Quantum Computing, OpenCV, Halography, etc), Open Hardware, Embedded Linux, Robotics

General topics that we’re looking for:

Community Multimedia (Editing, Manipulation, In Home, Streaming), Business, Licensing, Education, Health Care, Web Development, Programming, Database Administration, Open Hardware, *BSD, Desktop and Server Operating Systems, Bitcoin, Amateur Radio, Microcontrollers, Wearable Devices, Super Computers, High Performance Computing, System Administration, Home Automation, System Automation, In Vehicle Entertainment

If you have a topic that is not listed please feel free to submit anyhow; this list is not a rigid guideline.”

Although FOSS Force didn’t attend the first Fossetcon, we’ve heard from some conference veterans who were in attendance that it was an impressive conference, especially for a first time event.

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