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Last Day of Our Fundraising Campaign – Please Contribute!

Today is the last day of our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, which we at first called our “May Pledge Drive” until we extended it into June. At somewhere about a second before midnight tonight, the fine folks at IndieGoGo will pull the plug on our campaign and quit taking contributions. In other words, if you haven’t made a contribution yet, the time is now.

Two dollar bills.So far we’ve raised $2,225 of our $6,000 goal. While reaching our target doesn’t appear doable at this late stage of the game — that’s okay. The money that’s been generously contributed will get us started on our planned editorial expansion and you should see us ramping up our coverage considerably in about three or four weeks time, after we receive the funds from IndieGoGo and start putting our new policies in effect.

Oh, and for those of you who love FOSS Force just as it is and don’t want to see us change — don’t worry. We love FOSS Force too, and we don’t want to see it change. We will continue to offer you the same coverage you’re getting now, just more of it, and with greater depth.

If you want to help us grow — and pay our writers, which is key — today is the day to do so. If we can raise $775 today, then we will be halfway to having raised the $6,000 we need to fund our expansion for six months. Every contribution — small or large — helps. If you like FOSS Force, and would like for us to have the resources to improve our coverage of FOSS and free tech, please go to our IndieGoGo campaign page and make a contribution now.

Down the road, everyone who contributes to our fundraiser will have bragging rights and can proudly say, “I helped make FOSS Force what it is today!”


Although our Indiegogo campaign is now a thing of the past, you can still contribute to FOSS Force by becoming a subscriber. We could use your support.

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