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June’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of June, 2015.

1. SourceForge Not Making A Graceful Exit by Christine Hall. Published June 11, 2015. We look at why many well known FOSS projects are fleeing a once popular code repository, and what this means for its future.

2. A Look at Mageia 5’s Magic by Christine Hall. Published June 22, 2015. A first look at Mageia latest and greatest release, and putting this release in historical context.

3. Dell Bets On Ubuntu by Christine Hall. Published June 1, 2015. Dell releases two affordable laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled, and makes them easy to find on its website.

4. Five Security Tips for New Linux Admins by Don Parris. Published June 22, 2015. Our Linux security guru offers some tips for keeping a system safe and secure.

5. Is Google the New Microsoft? by Christine Hall. Published on June 29, 2015. Is it fair to compare Google with Microsoft?

6. Linux & the Bling Factor by Ken Starks. Published June 2, 2015. Does a distro need to look as good as it runs? Maybe so, if you want people to use it.

7. Teaching Linux to Speak by Ken Starks. Published June 23, 2015. A look at some of the work being done to get decent text-to-speech on Linux — as well as a rousing call to action.

8. Is the FOSS Infrastructure Crumbling? by Christine Hall. Published June 17, 2015. What is the CII and how is it making us more secure?

9. Ubuntu: Show Me the Money & Kubuntu Lead Ousted by Larry Cafiero. Published May 29, 2015. $143,000 disappears in Ubuntu-land while the Ubuntu Community Council shuns Jonathan Riddell.

10. The NSA, Windows & Antivirus by Christine Hall. Published June 25, 2015. How the NSA is attempting to turn antivirus software into an unwitting accomplice.

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