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August 1st, 2015

July’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of July, 2015.

1. Yet Another Reason to Avoid Windows 10 by Christine Hall. Published July 20, 2015. Microsoft’s EULA for Windows 10 not only forces its users to accept all updates. it allows Redmond to install software at will.

2. Using the New iproute2 Suite by Don Parris. Published July 14, 2015. A look at the basics on getting the most out of iproute2 utilities.

3. How I Discovered Linux & Changed the World by Ken Starks. Published July 7, 2015. In which the question is asked: How is your involvement with FOSS making a difference in this world of ours?

4. A Look at Mageia 5’s Magic by Christine Hall. Published June 22, 2015. A review of Mageia’s latest and greatest, which puts the distro in its historical context.

5. Godfather Ellison’s Protection Racket by Christine Hall. Published July 13, 2015. How Oracle boosts its bottom line by threatening to fire its clients.

6. Capital One Unveils Open Source Dev Tool at OSCON by Christine Hall. Published July 22, 2015. Capital One’s not just for banking anymore. It wants to be a FOSS developer.

7. Is Google the New Microsoft? by Christine Hall. Published June 29, 2015. Is it fair to compare Google with Microsoft?

8. A Guided Tour of LibreOffice by Don Parris. Published July 28, 2015. If you’ve never tried LibreOffice, this beginner’s guide will get you started.

9. Yet Another Windows Security Fail by Christine Hall. Published July 6, 2015. According to antivirus industry tests, the AV that ships with Windows is worst-in-breed.

10. Setting Up Shop With KDE’s Plasma by Don Parris. Published July 21, 2015. New to Linux? Here’s a basic tour of the KDE Plasma desktop.

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