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October’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of October, 2015.

1. A Miracle Comes to Linux by Ken Starks. Published October 27, 2015. This story is so fantastic that it had many of you convinced that it was a work of fiction. Not so. To paraphrase Mary McCarthy: Every word is the truth, including “and” and “the.”

2. Is Oracle Abandoning Java? by Christine Hall. Published October 6, 2015. A report on news from “a former high-ranking Java official” that Oracle might no longer be interested in continuing development of Java.

3. Microsoft Infects Windows Computers With Malvertising by Christine Hall. Published October 15, 2015. It appears that our friends in Redmond have seen it necessary to upgrade their malicious software removal tool to include the ransomware TelsaCrypt. As well they might, since the MSN website was downloading the program through malicious ads for a while.

4. Raspbian Jessie Lives Up to the Hype by Isaac Carter. Published October 7, 2015. Our follower of all things Raspberry takes a look at the latest and greatest version of Raspbian OS and gives it a thumbs up.

5. Pitching Microsoft to a Linux Crowd by Christine Hall. Published October 21, 2015. The CTO for Microsoft Azure was at the All Things Open conference in Raleigh. Among other things, he was recruiting to fill 700-plus open source positions.

6. Linux Users, Start Your Engines by Larry Cafiero. Published October 19, 2015. Our writer answers the question of why there’s so many Linux distros by asking why Dodge would introduce the Charger and GMC the GTO when Ford already had the Mustang.

7. Linux Text to Speech Tool Reaches Beta by Ken Starks. Published October 13, 2015. Ken and the gang have been working hard to make MaryTTS as easy to install and use as, say, LibreOffice. They’re having success.

8. A Look at Mageia 5’s Magic by Christine Hall. Published June 22, 2015. A review of Mageia’s latest and greatest, which puts the distro in its historical context.

9. Is Microsoft Wooing Canonical & Important Departures… by Larry Cafiero. Published October 9, 2015. This Week in Review wonders if Microsoft might purchase Canonical, and takes note of some important people who’ve left some important projects.

10. Cheap Linux Laptops, Best Video Editors & More… by Larry Cafiero. Published October 30, 2015. A Friday roundup that reports on the “Linux Laptop Pizza Party” in Philadelphia and on Matt Hartley’s take on Linux video editors.

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