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December 1st, 2015

November’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of November, 2015.

1. The Devil & BSD: Leaving Linux Behind by Larry Cafiero. Published November 23, 2015. Mr. Cafiero takes a stand and makes a statement by wiping Linux from his go-to laptop in favor of PC-BSD.

2. System Requirements: When Is ‘Enough’ Enough? by Ken Starks. Published November 10, 2015. Do you have a computer that still runs great, but you can’t install anything on it because it doesn’t meet modern “system requirements”? Well, our Mr. Starks says that enough might be enough.

3. Senior Tech: Sometimes Linux Isn’t the Solution by Ken Starks. Published November 17, 2015. Although we all know that any Linux distribution is superior in almost every way to Windows or OS X, sometimes it’s not the right fit for the job.

4. Debian Live Dead, Linux Ransomware & More… by Christine Hall. Published November 13, 2015. This “Week in Review” looks at the end of Debian Live, ransomware affecting Linux servers and the dominance of WordPress in CMS space.

5. Ubuntu MATE: Giving Raspbian a Run for Its Money by Isaac Carter. Published November 18, 2015. As far as the Raspberry Pi is concerned, there’s a new kid on the block in Ubuntu Mate. Might it unseat Raspbian as the go-to distro for the Pi?

6. Patreon Hack: Users Now Receiving Threatening Emails by Christine Hall. Published November 21, 2015. On a recent Saturday morning, members of hacked crowdfunding site Patreon awoke to find a threatening email in their inboxes. Pay us a Bitcoin, it said, or we will destroy you.

7. Will Steam Machine Solve Linux’s Gaming Woes? by Hunter Banks. Published November 25, 2015. Valve’s Steam Machine has been released to much fanfare and more than a few problems. However, it just might be just what’s needed to make Linux a major gaming platform.

8. The Red Hat/MS Agreement Molehill by Larry Cafiero. Published November 9, 2015. The recent agreement between Red Hat and Microsoft, which sees RHEL being offered on Microsoft Azure with “preferred Linux distro” status, has been presented by the tech press as the dawning of a new era. Cafiero cautions us to be mindful of the old adage: Beware of Redmond geeks bearing gifts.

9. More Raspberry Pi, Exterminating LibreOffice & More… by Larry Cafiero. Published November 27, 2015. The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, a project to fix 1,200 bugs in LibreOffice, and the open source diabetes tool Glucosio are all covered in this “Week in Review.”

10. Real Linux Coming to Tablets by Christine Hall. Published September 7, 2015. This past September saw the announcement of two impressive tablets, both running versions of Linux. One is running Sailfish OS from Jolla and the other runs the much anticipated Ubuntu Touch.

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