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Chariot Solutions Partners with Open Source Hazelcast

The software development specialist Chariot adds open source Hazelcast 3.6 to its enterprise portfolio as the two companies announce partnership at the Philly ETE 2016 conference.

Hazelcast, a leading provider of open source operational in-memory computing, today announced a partnership with Chariot Solutions, a leading enterprise application and mobile development consulting firm, at the Philly Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise 2016 conference.

Hazelcast logoChariot has extensive open source experience, with many of its consultants actively contributing to key OS Java projects. Working with partners, the company advises clients on the evolving open source Java landscape, delivering tailored solutions which incorporate frameworks and tools that are commercially viable due to established community support and enhancement. Prior to signing an official partnership agreement, the two companies had worked together on several projects in telecoms and media.

“Hazelcast is extremely powerful and very easy to start with. The combination of resilience, scalability and a very simple set of APIs enables it to solve many cross industry/domain problems quickly and reliably,” said Anatoly Polinsky, an IT consultant at Chariot. “Hazelcast brings simplicity and quality to the field of distributed systems, computational grids and caching. In short, Hazelcast is a fun and straightforward way of solving extremely complex problems in the world of distributed systems without sacrificing quality.”

Although written in Java, Hazelcast can be used from many language environments, including Python, Clojure, Node.js, Scala, C# and C++. In addition, it integrates well with other stacks, APIs and technologies such as .NET, Memcached, AWS, Consul, Kubernetes, Tomcat, Hibernate and Spring. In its latest release, it has expanded its High-Density Memory Store to a new data format and added a Hot Restart Store persistence capability that is SSD-optimized.

“The relationship we have with Chariot has blossomed over the last six months, primarily because of successful customer deployments and the acknowledgement that Hazelcast is now the most widely used in-memory data grid for sectors such as financial services, telecoms and gaming,” said Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast. “Chariot has written a Clojure language integration for Hazelcast which has been successfully deployed by a customer and is now included in our family of Hazelcast clients and languages. Due to the number of joint new business conversations we are having with Chariot, the signing of an official strategic alliance was inevitable.”

To download the latest version of Hazelcast, go to the company’s website.

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