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Looking at the $15 PINE 64 Single Board

The Video Screening Room

These days you don’t have to spend much money to get impressive specs on a new computer, as long as you’re willing to do a little DIY work.

A German fellow with the YouTube username Rhymoore shows his PINE 64, the 64 bit single board computer that’s been taking preorders for $15 on Kickstarter, booting the Android based Remix OS on his 4K monitor. Glitches still exist, but those will likely get ironed out.

I’m now wondering whether 4K monitor manufacturers will bundle in a PINE 64 duct-taped to the back of the monitor. Seems like something like that might transpire (maybe without the duct tape). The price of 4K computer monitors continues to drop. For a couple of extra dollars, bundle in a Linux computer, won’t ya? From the PINE 64 videos appearing on YouTube, the PINE 64 computer is such a beast it’s probably best to not tell your vegan friends about it.

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