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A Young Linux-Loving Singer-Songwriter

The Video Screening Room

What’s a young lass from the UK who writes songs, makes videos and sells her albums online doing being featured on a FOSS site? Maybe it’s that penguin on the wall.

Emily Fox is a talented musician and Linux-loving youth in the United Kingdom. Her musical talent is enormous and she produces all her music videos using open source software.

Here are two of my favorite videos of hers.

Did you notice the large Linux poster on the wall of her bedroom in the first video? It’s no accident that this poster shows up in her music videos sometimes. She currently has more than 500 YouTube subscribers. Let’s send her over 1,000. She certainly has amazing talent. Leave an encouraging comment on the videos of hers that you like the most and share her videos with other Linux-loving youth you know.

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  1. tracyanne tracyanne April 5, 2016

    It’s good to see more people using Linux and FOSS in this way. I’m currently using UbuntuStudio and Hydrogen plus Audacity and KDEnlive to record and produce my own music to upload to YouTube and SoundCloud.

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