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July 1st, 2016

Open Source Gospel From Cisco’s Lauren Cooney

Companies that traditionally focused on proprietary software are now playing catch up in order to compete by utilizing open source development.

The Video Screening Room

Hear the open source gospel from Lauren Cooney, Senior Director in Cisco’s CTO office, in this video that was published Monday on YouTube.

Cisco knows a thing-or-two about tech. They would not be committing to OSS if it were not seriously beneficial to their bottom line. Interesting to hear her speak about open source “bringing the fun back.” The opposite of fun is drudge. Does an expanding economy need more fun or more drudge, do you think? How much of a brake on the economy does drudge provide? Worth thinking about in your free time.

For the past 10 years, Phil has been working at a public library in the Washington D.C.-area, helping youth and adults use the 28 public Linux stations the library offers seven days a week. He also writes for MAKE magazine, Opensource.com and TechSoup Libraries. Suggest videos by contacting Phil on Twitter or at pshapiro@his.com.

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