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August 30th, 2016

A Webinar on Big Data

Big data is all the rage these days in the enterprise. If you’re trying to wrap your head around exactly what big data is, our contributing video editor has found this video from AWS.

The Video Screening Room

For all you open source data scientists out there, this hour-long recorded webinar explains the big data tools and services you can use on Amazon. I learned a lot of data science lingo watching this video.

Big data tools have proved their worth in science and business fields, and will likely prove their worth in other fields in coming years. I have a hunch some of the most forward-thinking high schools are teaching some of the basics of big data in their computer science classes. If you hear of any high schools doing that, please alert me at and I’m happy to write an article about it for FOSS Force.

For the past 10 years, Phil has been working at a public library in the Washington D.C.-area, helping youth and adults use the 28 public Linux stations the library offers seven days a week. He also writes for MAKE magazine, and TechSoup Libraries. Suggest videos by contacting Phil on Twitter or at

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