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Preparing Data with OpenRefine

If you’re looking for a career in big data, you might consider taking a free data science course from Big Data University.

The Video Screening Room

Many open source enthusiasts might not realize that some of the most useful open source tools are in the cloud. This short video explains about OpenRefine (previously Google Refine), which allows you to clean your data and do many other kinds of operations on it.

This video is a teaser for a free course offered by Big Data University. This course is purportedly offered at a “beginner” level, so if you’re new to big data, you might find it a hospitable introduction.


  1. pink_teddy_bear pink_teddy_bear October 22, 2016

    Now when I reflect to that USA elections and Hillary leaked mails, I ask my self isn’t it time to switch to LINUX.

  2. Thad Thad October 24, 2016

    @pink_teddy_bear: Not sure how that’s relevant to this story. (I’m not talking to a bot, am I?) Linux wouldn’t have stopped Podesta from clicking a dodgy link and typing his password into a phishing site.

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