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Make Raspberry Pi Portable With 5-inch Touch Screen

You can be your own Geordi La Forge and build yourself a fully capable GNU/Linux pocket computer with this uber inexpensive five-inch touch screen and a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi touch screen

The Video Screening Room

A Raspberry Pi enthusiast in Thailand shares this video showing how you can take your Raspberry Pi on the road with a $28 five-inch HDMI touch screen available from AliExpresss.

The touch-screen capabilities of this cute device bring to mind HyperCard-like interactive stacks that youth and adults could create using the free, open source Community Edition of LiveCode. Imagine students showing their parents or guardians interactive presentations — including text, graphics, and video — from branching “cards” that the student themselves had made.

This cute little screen makes it feasible for a school to send such a presentation home with a student. For those of you too young to have witnessed it, HyperCard — which shipped free with every Mac between 1987 and 2000, unleashed a mountain of creativity. HyperCard was abandoned by Apple in 2000, but many of its capabilities live on in the product called LiveCode, created separately by a Scottish company.

LiveCode ( has been a popular commercial software product for many years. In 2013, LiveCode announced an open source Community Edition available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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