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Inkscape 0.92 Is Released

Wednesday saw the official release of Inkscape 0.92. Eleven months in the making, this version comes with many improvements, including mesh gradients, an improved Pencil tool that features interactive smoothing and much more.

The Screening Room

Inkscape 0.92

Inkscape, the very popular open source cross-platform vector drawing program, has released version 0.92. Check out the new features in this very nicely done video. (Note: The sound level is a bit loud in this video. You might want to turn the volume down on your computer before starting the video.)

The program is so popular, a student in Los Altos, California, once asked his parents to get it for him as a Christmas present. Suppose your child’s fondest wish was to own a no-cost software program from which they could derive thousands of hours of use and enjoyment. Without knowing it, this child gave his parents a Christmas gift of their own. And the programmers who make Inkscape? They gifted the entire world with this wonderful program.

You can read a brief reference to this particular student, Max Jarrel, in this PCWorld blog post I wrote back in 2011. Max is probably now in 12th grade or the first year of college. It would be neat to find out if he’s still exploring and enjoying Inkscape.

Inkscape 0.92 is available for download on the project’s website.

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