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Open Hardware Recorder: CaptureCast Pro

The Video Screening Room

Do you need to record multiple camera angle video for lectures or a conference? As you might expect, you get the most flexibility using open hardware options. This video about the CaptureCast Pro solution caught my eye. This solution is not cheap, but it does look to be very flexible.

I came across CaptureCast Pro because the company that makes this solution, Cattura, also creates the free CaptureCast Chrome app for screencasting, which works well on Chromebooks as well as on Linux laptops and desktops. I love the webcam integration, which few of the other free screencasting programs offer.


  1. Stew Bottorf Stew Bottorf January 3, 2017

    Phil, I’ve previously used ScreenCastify on Chrome. This product appears to be an improvement and no time limit. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

  2. Mike Mike January 3, 2017

    Not FOSS

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