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The Open Source Way of Reaching Across Languages

Open source enthusiasts have no shame in explaining that they’re involved in building a better world. One way of doing that is reaching across language barriers. When this Spanish screencast about FreeCAD caught my eye on YouTube, I knew I had to write about it for FOSS Force.

I don’t speak Spanish, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn some important things from this video. The visuals alone are quite instructive. At my public library job, I mentor a number of wonderful Latino youth. One of them might ask me about open source CAD software — and I’ll direct them right to this FOSS Force article. Of course, I subscribed to the YouTube channel of the creator of this video, and also clicked on its like button. If the screencast creator comes back to look at this video in February, they’ll find that they have a number of new subscribers, a number of likes for the video and the video view count might be more than 100. All those indicators will be encouragement for them to make their next open source screencast. And so it goes. That’s how we support each other in the open source world.

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  1. Juan Juan January 24, 2017

    He gives a summary of things you can do with. I heard of the program before, but I don’t really need this kind of software anymore since I’m no longer involved in construction, back in the days I needed some way to open CAD drawings from costumers.

    The good thing is other language communities are using this kind of tools.

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