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March 31st, 2017

Written Using Gnu Lilypond, Orchestrated in Linux MultiMedia Studio

Music written and created entirely using the FOSS apps Lilypond and Linux Multimedia Studio. Nothing else could be so beautiful, we think.

The Screening Room


Open source music software never seems to get the attention it deserves, so I was delighted to see this YouTube video created using GNU Lilypond.

Lilypond is under active development and participated in the Google Summer of Code in 2016.

This video led me to the Linux MultiMedia Studio. Suppose Linux were around in the days of Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi. Do you think they’d be using open source, or would they prefer being stuck in some proprietary program that charged an upgrade fee for every new musical age? Think about how musicians build upon each others’ work so freely and generously. Reminds you of FOSS, doesn’t it?

Better methods yield better results. Think that over and see if you don’t agree.

For the past 10 years, Phil has been working at a public library in the Washington D.C.-area, helping youth and adults use the 28 public Linux stations the library offers seven days a week. He also writes for MAKE magazine, Opensource.com and TechSoup Libraries. Suggest videos by contacting Phil on Twitter or at pshapiro@his.com.

6 comments to Written Using Gnu Lilypond, Orchestrated in Linux MultiMedia Studio

  • Joesph Birch

    Fabulous. I’ve been using Linux for nearly 10 years and never knew that was possible.

    Thank you for showing it.

  • tracyanne

    @Joesph Birch There’s more lots more.

    I use UbuntuStudio https://ubuntustudio.org/ for all my music. It comes with Ardour and Audacity (Audio editors) – Ardour is a Professional Quality Recording Studio Software, Hydrogen (Drum Machine), Timidity – MIDI player, I use it and others, such as Hexter, as sound sources for my MIDI Keyboard.

  • sdfajkl

    yeah, it looks like Linux should be more on the side of helping others too… pitch in what you can it will count…
    On the other side there is big bad corporate stuff and people don’t see, how that is reducing their freedoms …

  • Tim

    I tried Lilypond for a while, but found that I liked MuseScore better. I got through grad school in music using it for transcription and engraving.


  • Eddie G.

    Just goes to show you that with open source software, you have no limits! Kudos to the musicians who got this done! I continue to look forward to what Linux can offer the masses. It still amazes me after starting down this path in ’03 the little things Linux can do for someone in their daily (and professional) lives!

  • sdfajkl

    Linux is the most freedom you have…