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Libreboot Applies to Rejoin GNU

Libreboot has now officially applied to rejoin GNU, which it left in September. According to Leah Rowe, the “initial responses from GNU’s leadership seems positive.”

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Last week we reported that after reorganization, Libreboot was considering rejoining GNU and was seeking input from its community to determine the amount of support it had for such a move. From reading the comments posted both on our article on FOSS Force and on Libreboot’s website, it comes as no surprise that the project’s core members feel they have the necessary consesus to proceed.

Last night, FOSS Force received an email — sent jointly to us and Phoronix — letting us know of the decision.

Rather than repeat what’s already been written and said on the subject (for that, follow the first link above), we’re publishing a slightly edited version of the email, which will pretty much bring everyone up to date on the situation.

“The public overwhelmly voted in favour of re-joining GNU, with approval by the core management of the project.

“An application has been sent to the GNU project, for Libreboot to re-join (Alyssa Rosenzweig is handling communications with GNU). Initial responses from GNU’s leadership seems positive, and the general impression is that eagerness for a reunion between GNU and Libreboot exists on both sides.

“… An official decision by the GNU project has not yet been reached. The matter is in their hands, with Alyssa as communications director for the Libreboot project.

“Further, Libreboot has officially documented on its website for the first time, formal policy guidelines detailing general management and how the project is run. A collective, democratic style of project management has been chosen, based on widespread public demand, plus approval from the core leadership.

“I have officially stepped down as leader of the Libreboot project.”

The email also contained a link to the official announcement of the application to rejoin GNU by Alyssa Rosenzweig, the project’s new spokesperson. In addition, there was a link to a document on the project’s website outlining the new structure of the organization.

FOSS Force has reached out to the FSF for a comment, but has not yet received a reply. We will publish an update if and when we do.

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  1. tracyanne tracyanne April 26, 2017

    Seems like a good start, to me.

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