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The Spirit of Open Source

The spirit of open source can be found all around us in the world. Just look for it, and you’ll find it.

The Screening Room

This evening when I spotted this music video on YouTube, my immediate reaction was — “That’s a song about open source!”

This song was composed by singer/songwriter Malvina Reynolds.

Do you know a video that ought to be spotlighted in The Screening Room column? Send me suggestions to The subject of your email should be: “Screening Room – suggested video.”


  1. Richard Stallin Richard Stallin May 28, 2017

    what about free software

  2. Thad Thad June 9, 2017

    You guys okay? Haven’t seen you in a couple weeks.

    Hope it’s just a vacation and nothing serious.

  3. tracyanne tracyanne June 10, 2017

    Yeah I’ve been wonderin if anything’s happened to Christine.

  4. tracyanne tracyanne June 12, 2017

    @Mike, nothing quite so exciting, I’m afraid. She said she will publish an article revealing all, shortly.

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