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New Community Manager at to Focus on Accessibility

AmyJune Hineline,’s new senior community manager, has a long history of involvement with open source communities, both as an advocate/manager and as a developer.

AmyJune Hineline community manager’s new community manager, AmyJune Hineline, in a playful moment on Twitter.

A major open source internet destination has a new senior community manager.

In an article published on Red Hat’s community website on New Year’s Day, AmyJune Hineline introduced herself as’s new senior community manager.

“I am privileged to be here at as the new community manager,” she said. “I’m looking forward to working with existing correspondents and contributors, and also bringing in new contributors and increasing the diversity of thoughts and ideas shared here on”

Although the duties associated with the position of community manager varies from organization to organization, in 2020 published an article on community management that might serve as insight into how Red Hat, or at least it’s website, defines the role.

“A community manager is the quarterback of an open source community,” wrote Jason Blais, a lead product manager at the open source chat company, Mattermost. “This is the person who ensures that everything runs smoothly, the one who helps the community and all its members grow. Every thriving community needs one.”

No Stranger to Open Source

Although Hineline’s resume indicates that she has worked as a nurse since 2002, she brings plenty of open source and community management experience to the table. She’s active in the Drupal community, where she’s been a top contributor for three years running, and was previously employed there for longer that two years as a community lead and Drupal site builder.

“This means I like to build things and contribute back to the Drupal project,” she said on her LinkedIn profile. “The freedom of open source software is a driving force behind my desire to give back to the community.”

Related to her activities at Drupal, she spend nearly a year as a site builder and support person at Kalamuna.

“Just doin’ the Drups,” she said. “I work[ed] with Kalamuna providing support on Drupal 6 and 7 sites and occasionally open[ed] a WordPress site.”

Hineline additionally spent more than three years as an open source community ambassador and quality assurance engineer at the web development and design company, Kanopi Studios, and for the past 11 years has been an open source ambassador and content manager at Burning Token Records, with both jobs also related to Drupal.

Bringing Accessibility to the Forefront

According to Hineline, the 20 years she’s spent with California-based Sutter Health in the seemingly unrelated nursing arena are also valuable to a community manager in open source. In Saturday’s introduction on, Hineline (who holds CPACC certification from IAAP — the International Association of Accessibility Professionals) said that one of her major areas of focus at her new gig with Red Hat will be accessibility.

“Coming from a background in healthcare, accessibility is extremely important to me,” she said. “When I first started building websites and discovered that a website could be made accessible but developers, designs, or stakeholders don’t have the awareness about leaving some of their content consumers behind, I was astonished. A truly inclusive web is also an accessible web, accessibility is a building block for lowering the barriers to accessing digital assets.”

Going forward, Hineline said she’d like to see’s coverage expand to include CMS comparisons, package management, documentation, and more.

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  1. j. schmoe j. schmoe January 4, 2022 is a website run by Red Hat… you know… the folks who gave us Poettering, Pulse Audio and systemd.

    Now Red Hat is owned by IBM — so, is also run by IBM.

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