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All Things Open 2019 – The Last In-Person ATO Until ’21

Between now and the opening of All Things Open 2023 on October 15, which will begin the conference’s second decade, FOSS Force is each day taking a look at an individual year in ATO’s history. In today’s article we’re looking at All Things Open 2019, which was the conference’s seventh outing, and the last before the pandemic.

The 2019 All Things Open T-Shirt

ATO's 2019 t-shirt shows the spaceman planting the ATO flag on the moon.
All Things Open’s spaceman plants the ATO flag on the moon as the visual theme for what was to be the last conference before Covid changed the world for a while.

Year Seven by the Numbers… and More

The empty Grand Ballroom at the Raleigh Convention Center where the morning's keynote's will soon be held.
The Grand Ballroom at the Raliegh Convention Center, prepped and ready for All Things Open 2019’s first day keynotes.

All Things Open organizers called this year, “Another giant leap.” Attendance was more than 4,900, making it 800 more than the previous year.

There were also over 100 sponsor tables/booths and 2,000 T-shirts were given away.

People cuing to register on day one of All Things Open 2019.
Cuing to register at All Things Open 2019.

Oh, and the organization Girls Who Code got a big check.

Giant $50,000 being presented onstage to Girls Who Code from IBM.
IBM hands over a giant $50,000 check to Girls Who Code at All Things Open 2019.
All Things Open 2019's Open Play Space.
As Cyndi Lauper might say, “‘Cause techies just want to have fun.”
Sticker table at All Things Open 2019.
Because people seem to love plastering their laptops with stickers.

People at ATO 2019

FOSS Force tech journalist Christine Hall sitting at a press table typing on a laptop during the opening keynotes at ATO 2019.
When we showed this picture to Christine Hall she laughed and said, “So that’s why people treat me like I’m a really old lady.”
Erica Stanley giving a keynote address at All Things Open 2019.
Erica Stanley who is currently director of engineering, play promotions, partner APIs at Google at All Things Open 2019.

The next ATO didn’t quite work out the way it was planned.

"Save the Date" promotional slide for All Things Open 2020, which would end up being online only, due to the pandemic.
This promotional slide for All Things Open 2020 turned out to be somewhat ironic, since the in-person event would be cancelled — although the show would be a success as an online event.

All Things Open 2023 Opens Sunday

All Things Open 2023 opens this Sunday at the Raleigh Convention Center in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, which it has been its home since it started in 2013. The schedule for this year’s event is available online. If you’re interested in attending, you can get information on prices (it’s extremely reasonable) and register here.

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