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BenQ’s New Lamp- and Laser-Free Green Projector Cuts Operating Costs

BenQ’s new lampless and filterless projector uses 15% less power than conventional projectors and requires very little maintenance.

BenQ LW600ST lampless projector.
BenQ LW600ST lampless projector. SOURCE: BenQ Corporation

Taiwan-based BenQ Corporation has come out with a projector that might be just the thing for companies wanting to adapt greener technologies, especially since adopting it will save them a few bucks instead of costing them more which is often the case with “eco-friendly” hardware.

Known primarily for its display and audio technologies, as well as mobile devices, BenQ’s new release, LW600ST, is a short-throw projector that’s lamp- and filter-free. The projector adheres to the WXGA standard, meaning it carries a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with a widescreen 16:10 aspect ratio. The device uses 4LED technology that is bright (2,800-ANSI lumen), color accurate (95% Rec. 709 color coverage), and high contrast.

In addition to eliminating mercury vapor arc lamps, which is great on whole bunches of levels, the LW600ST features 15% less power consumption and a chassis made from recycled plastic — which will help organizations put their eco-friendly money where their mouths are.

“The reality is that lamp-based business projectors can be problematic and expensive,” Bob Wudeck, BenQ’s senior director of business development, said in a statement. “Not only are fewer lamp projector models left, but lamps can cost half the price of the projector, their brightness diminishes from the first moment of use, and they are filled with mercury, which can require special handling and disposal. The maintenance-free, eco-friendly LW600ST fills the gap in the market using high-quality 4LED technology at a price point that can’t be beat.”

Nixing Lamps Without Adding Lasers

Projector lamps have been becoming increasingly difficult to source and their disposal is often regulated due to the mercury, and the laser technology that has been the alternative is expensive for organizations that need pristine results. The LW600ST features a 4LED sealed engine, which uses the same LED technology found in high-end displays and offers many of the same benefits as laser projection, especially when it come to color reproduction.

“Whether projecting attendees in virtual meetings or color-specific marketing, creative, or scientific content, color accuracy is a critical detail,” the company said in a statement. “With the LW600ST projector, BenQ leverages its years of expertise in the detail-oriented cinematic, medical, and esports markets to deliver 95% Rec.709 color accuracy — ensuring that content, from skin tone to logo colors, appears as intended.”

The projector also includes different color modes that allow users to adjust the color for different scenarios.

It’s also a low maintenance device, according to the company:

“Like many of the projectors in BenQ’s family, the LW600ST features a filter-free, dustproof design, ensuring long-lasting and reliable projection without worrying about regular cleaning or filter replacement. The result is a long-lasting projector that lowers costs due to replacement parts and labor, allowing organizations to achieve a much greater ROI.”

The LW600ST is also easy to setup in small spaces. It features a 0.72 short throw ratio and a 1.2x zoom, which means it can replace outdated lamp-based projectors without needing to reposition existing ceiling mounts. It projects a 180″ image from less than 9 feet, and is equipped with 2D keystone and corner fit to ensure the image is correctly aligned post-installation. The company says that its Screen Fill capability is perfectly suited for retrofits using the same screen:

“Screen Fill provides easy aspect ratio switching, which adjusts to match the desired screen aspect ratio while maintaining image resolution.”

BenQ’s LW600ST lampless and filterless projector is available now and is priced at $899.00. For more information or to purchase, so to

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