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Hank Feinberg is President of the Rockland PC Users Group in Rockland County, New York. This group sponsors Project PCReNew, which refurbishes used computers to give to individuals or organizations that can't afford them.

The GUI & Ease of Use

GUI sounds like an old candy or baking recipe. The success of today’s digital items relies on the ease of operation and functions that tablets, phones, computers and cameras operate with. When I decided to write this article I found this has been a much longer time in the making then I thought.

In the early 80s Apple created the Mac and icons with cursors to activate them started. No longer did you have to type commands at a prompt that didn’t work if you left anything out of the required structure or syntax.

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It wasn’t long after that Bill Gates and company realized this was what people wanted and Windows was born. DOS became Windows and operating systems became graphical on the screen. Millions of lines of code were hidden behind the colorful graphics and changing screens. The easier and faster you make selecting functions, programs and apps, the more the public will buy your product.

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