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And the Best FOSS or Linux Blog Is…

In this competition there’s a winner but no losers.

Although only one site gets to call themselves the “FOSS Force Best FOSS or Linux Blog–2013” winner, in reality everybody in the competition has won.

Today we are announcing the winner from a field of ten great blogs, all of which have already won our elimination round. Before that there were 19 truly great blogs in our competition, nine of which had been chosen by visitors to our site, the other ten being hand-picked by us here at FOSS Force as a way of getting things going. They are all winners just by dint of being in the running.

Second Round of Our Best Personal Linux or FOSS Blog Competition

We were hoping to have 20 to 25 blogs for you to choose from here in round two of our competition to see who wins the honors as FOSS Force Best Personal Linux or FOSS Blog–2013. We end up offering you a total of 19.

Voters in our qualifying poll that finished at noon today wrote-in plenty of web sites for us to consider. The trouble was, most of them didn’t meet the criteria we set-out in the article titled What’s Your Favorite FOSS or Linux Blog? which was published on July 29th when we began this competition.

To a degree, we expected that. We knew some voters would write-in names of great Linux sites that in no way qualify as personal blogs. That they did, placing votes for many of our favorite sites and for some we think downright silly. So we first cleared out votes for sites that obviously don’t qualify, such as Omg! Ubuntu!, phoronix and OStatic.

After taking care of that task we were left with a long list of sites. As most were unknown to us, we had

Are You Ready For Round Two?

The first round of voting in our quest to see whom our visitors will vote “Best Personal FOSS or Linux Blog–2013” has ended. Right now we’re busy checking out all of the blogs that received write-in votes to see which qualify for round two and which do not. We’re estimating that by late afternoon or early evening eastern time in the United States we’ll be ready to announce our line-up for round two.

Round two will be an elimination round from a field of 20 to 25 blogs taken from the results of the poll that just ended. There will be no write-in votes, but voters will still be allowed to vote for up to two blogs.

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