Top Ten Things Linux Users Say About systemd

Back about four or five years ago, when FOSS Force was just a young whippersnapper yelling to be heard, we found people first noticing us when we dreamed up a unique weekly feature we cleverly called the Top Ten List. It was an immediate success. Unfortunately, we can’t claim credit for originating the concept, as Michael J. Fox saw one of our lists on his DeLorean’s dashboard computer while on a foray into the twenty-first […]

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Update, The Last Ken

Ken is home now and he’s writing emails. We know this, because we got one already. His friend Ed Matthews has also been being kept informed, and this is his latest dispatch:

Ken has been home 24 plus hours

Got to talk with Diane a little after lunch. Ken was asleep and Roxie, her daughter in law, was out getting groceries to fill their pantry and freezer. She’s a big help right now.

Ken walks […]

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Update: Ken’s Getting Back to His Old Cantankerous Self

It’s all good news on the Ken front.

On the same day that we posted our last update, we received an actual honest-to-goodness email from Ken, who certainly wasn’t short of things to complain about. The short of the matter is that he’s in a hurry to get out of the hospital and back home. We replied by sending him an email explaining that now we’ve seen he can write emails and all, we’re accepting […]

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Mea Culpas & Cranky Patients Named Ken

FOSS Week in Review

One of the most discussed items of the week, arriving with much fanfare, comes from our friends at Canonical/Ubuntu, who brought you Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu Edge — oh wait, they said they’d bring them but never actually delivered — and who now wants to be the operating system behind the nebulously termed “Internet of Things.”

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols starts with a mea culpa in his ZDNet article for assuming […]

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Why Jeff Hoogland Returned to Bodhi

Jeff Hoogland - Bodhi Linux

On Tuesday morning I awoke to find in my inbox a cryptic message, sent during the wee hours of the morning, from Jeff Hoogland.

Shortly after our interview I made a liar out of myself and got bit by the Bodhi bug again.

The interview, of course, referenced the one published here on FOSS Force on the Monday before last, in which we discussed his leaving Bodhi for greener fields or Python or something. […]

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all-day FOSSDEM ’15 @ ULB Campus Solbosch
FOSSDEM ’15 @ ULB Campus Solbosch
Jan 31 – Feb 1 all-day
FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented and brings together 5000+ geeks from all over the world.[...]
all-day FOSSC Oman @ Sultan Qaboos University
FOSSC Oman @ Sultan Qaboos University
Feb 18 – Feb 19 all-day
The Free and Open Source Software Conference (FOSSC Oman) is jointly organized by the Communication and Information Research Center (CIRC) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) and the Information Technology Authority (ITA), on Free and Open[...]
all-day GopherConIndia 2015 @ Hotel Royal Orchid
GopherConIndia 2015 @ Hotel Royal Orchid
Feb 19 – Feb 21 all-day
India’s first-ever Go programming conference in Bengaluru on 20-21 Feb. 2015, that’s 100% #golang goodness! GopherConIndia 2015 will be a single-track two day conference with a variety of talks designed to spark creativity and promote[...]
all-day SCALE 13X @ Hilton Los Angeles Airport
SCALE 13X @ Hilton Los Angeles Airport
Feb 19 – Feb 22 all-day
As the first-of-the-year Linux/FOSS expo in North America, SCALE 13x expects to host more than 100 exhibitors this year, along with nearly 130 sessions, tutorials, and special events starting on Thursday, Feb. 19 and running[...]
all-day Circumvention Tech Festival
Circumvention Tech Festival
Mar 1 – Mar 6 all-day
The Circumvention Tech Festival (CTFestival) gathers the community fighting censorship and surveillance for a week of conferences, workshops, hackathons, and social gatherings, featuring many of the Internet Freedom community’s flagship events. Specifically, the festival enables[...]
all-day All Things Open @ Raleigh Convention Center
All Things Open @ Raleigh Convention Center
Oct 18 – Oct 20 all-day
Join the world’s top developers, technologists and decision makers as we explore open source, open tech and the open web in the enterprise. Two days of keynotes, talks, tutorials, workshops and networking opportunities in Raleigh[...]

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