July’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of July, 2015.

1. Yet Another Reason to Avoid Windows 10 by Christine Hall. Published July 20, 2015. Microsoft’s EULA for Windows 10 not only forces its users to accept all updates. it allows Redmond to install software at will.

2. Using the New iproute2 Suite by Don Parris. Published July 14, 2015. A look at the basics on getting the most out of iproute2 utilities.

3. How I Discovered Linux & Changed the World by Ken Starks. Published July 7, 2015. In which the question is asked: How is your involvement with FOSS making a difference in this world of ours? Continue reading July’s Top Ten

Banks’ Family Values; Texas Linux Fest & More…

Texas Linux Fest logo

FOSS Week in Review

It’s been pretty warm where I live on the Central California coast, and I hope everyone else has been keeping cool — or as cool as possible — this week. After OSCON, there’s been sort of a lull in news that’s uniquely FOSS-related, but we do have a couple of tidbits […]

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Welcome to the Matrix

To paraphrase Pogo Possum: We have met the future and it is now.

Machines able to think freely, and perhaps with self awareness, are evidently just around the corner if they’re not already here. The talk of such things began to get pretty serious a decade or so ago when the scientific community shortened the […]

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KDE Plasma Goes Mobile

KDE jumps into the mobile OS fray with Plasma Mobile (photo: KDE)

While FOSS Force gave you a look at setting up KDE Plasma on the desktop in Don Parris’ article last week, KDE recently jumped into the mobile fray by announcing KDE Plasma Mobile at their Akademy conference this week in Spain.

While it joins an already crowded field, with the likes of Android, Ubuntu Touch, […]

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A Guided Tour of LibreOffice

LibreOffice logoI have been using LibreOffice since it was called Star Office and all documents opened in a tabbed interface, as in most modern spreadsheet applications (anyone remember those days?). From those early days until now, I have considered Star Office/OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice to be an excellent, if not superior, […]

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The Elderly & the Scam Masters

happy couple

It always happens to someone else. Right? I mean, what are the chances it will happen to me? Or you? Be it winning the lottery or developing a debilitating disease. We all know someone who knows someone who…well, you know how it goes. It will happen to someone else.

And it did, two days ago. […]

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all-day Texas Linux Fest 2015 @ San Marcos Conference Center
Texas Linux Fest 2015 @ San Marcos Conference Center
Aug 21 – Aug 22 all-day
We are happy to announce that Texas Linux Fest 2015 has been scheduled. We are going to be at the San Marcos Convention Center August 21st and 22nd!
all-day All Things Open @ Raleigh Convention Center
All Things Open @ Raleigh Convention Center
Oct 18 – Oct 20 all-day
Join the world’s top developers, technologists and decision makers as we explore open source, open tech and the open web in the enterprise. Two days of keynotes, talks, tutorials, workshops and networking opportunities in Raleigh[...]
all-day Fossetcon 2015 @ Hilton Lake Buena Vista
Fossetcon 2015 @ Hilton Lake Buena Vista
Nov 19 – Nov 21 all-day
Come out and participate in the Second Annual Fossetcon 201, Florida’s only free and open source conference. Within two minutes of downtown, disney and other great entertainment. Free Food, training, certifications and giveaways. www.fossetcon.org

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