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December 17th, 2015

Plotting Out the BSD Year

Larry the BSD Guy

FreeBSD's Beastie BSDFirst things first: Remember when I said I didn’t have access to Michael Larabel’s fine set of Phoronix tools to do diagnostic hardware comparisons? Well, while looking around for something else in BSD’s very cool AppCafe, I found them — Phoronix tools available for BSD users. So while I go sit in the corner with a pointy hat, I will apologize for that error.

With that out of the way, the holiday season only means one thing to me. Well, two actually, if you count great food accompanied by good friends, but mostly the holiday season means I have to set up my schedule for the upcoming year when it comes to Linux/BSD/FOSS events.

A couple are a given: SCALE 14x, for which I must interject a “truth-in-advertising” disclaimer and say that I’m the publicity chair, is a given, as is LinuxFest Northwest. While the SCALE 14X schedule is on the brink of being posted and while the LinuxFest Northwest call for presentations is open, these are two I don’t miss.

SCaLE14x logoWhat’s good to know is that BSD will be well-represented at both of these events. At SCALE 14x — which is the first-of-the-year FOSS event worldwide from Jan. 21-24, 2016, in Pasadena, Calif. — the FreeBSD Foundation (along with FreeBSD in its own booth, of course) will be there, as well as pfSense. What’s more, there’s a BSD certification exam being offered, as it has been for the last several years at SCALE. More on this in a later post.

BSD is always has a presence (and pretty good real estate, if I remember correctly) at LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, Wash., in April. I will be submitting a paper for LFNW this year — an announcement or a warning, you decide — and it will involve comparing and contrasting Linux and BSD. Bring popcorn.

[As an aside, it should be noted, too, that I’ve submitted a similar paper to OSCON, which is in May 2016 in Austin, Texas. My sincere hope is to end my perfect streak of having my talks rejected for this event, but we’ll have to see how the O’Reilly gods feel about my proposing a laser-light show, a sing-along, and a live duel as part of the presentation.]

In fact, those who are interested in following upcoming events in 2016 in the BSD realm can take a look at the BSD Events Global Calendar, which will give you an idea of what’s going on and where for those with an interest in BSD.

Perusing this calendar, I’ve noticed that BSDCan 2016, a Canadian expo, takes place in Ottawa, Ontario, in the spring. Paper submitted. In Asia or Europe, FOSDEM takes place right after SCALE in Brussels and AsiaBSDCon will be held in Tokyo in March. If you’re in the area, go.

I’ve always said that if you have a FOSS expo that’s within a day’s driving of where you live (at the very least — and you could always fly, too), you have no excuse not to attend. Find an event near you and go.

See you next week.

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Larry Cafiero

Larry Cafiero, a.k.a. Larry the Free Software Guy, is a journalist and a Free/Open Source Software advocate. He is involved in several FOSS projects and serves as the publicity chair for the Southern California Linux Expo. Follow him on Twitter: @lcafiero

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