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Posts published in “Operating Systems”

Still On CentOS 6? ELevate Can Now Lift and Shift You to a Modern RHEL Clone

If you're still running CentOS 6, you know for a fact that you need to get to another operating system pronto. The folks CloudLinux/AlmaLinux know this, and have made changes to their open-source lift-and-shift tool, ELevate, so that you can now easily move from CentOS 6 to land on the latest version of just about any RHEL look-alike that you want.

FOSS Week In Review: ‘Maddog’ on Red Hat, Cooking With Mint, Linux’s Big Mac Attack & more…

In this week's news roundup, our Christine Hall tells you what she thinks has gone wrong at Red Hat, and again tries to wrestle Elon Musk to the floor. In between, she covers some more of this week's FOSS news.

Ubuntu 23.04 ‘Lunar Lobster’ Desktop Released: Focuses on Enterprises and Everyday Linux Users

Ubuntu 23.04 not only brings many new features to the table for enterprise users, it has plenty of features to please its home-user base as well.

With First Keynote Announcements, SCALE 2023 Looks Like a ‘Must Attend’ Event

On Sunday, Scale made its first keynote reveal for 2023 with Arun Gupta, former CNCF chairperson, governing board member at OpenSSF, and VP and GM for Open Ecosystem at Intel. On Tuesday, Scale made its second keynote announcement: Ken Thompson, the creator of Unix and Go, will be a speaker.

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