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January 14th, 2016

BSD Is Ready for SCALE 14X


Larry the BSD Guy

First things first: Were I to give an award for Best Presentation Title for SCALE 14X, it would clearly go to iX Systems’ Community Manager (and all-around BSD documentation queen) Dru Lavigne for “Doc Like an Egyptian” — she wins hands down, without question. Dru speaks at SCALE on Saturday, Jan. 23, at 3 p.m.

Speaking of SCALE, the first-of-the-year Linux/FOSS event for 2016 starts next week on Thursday and runs through Sunday. Next to the Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses Parade, both of which took place on New Year’s Day, SCALE is the third largest event in Pasadena this month.

BSD variants and a BSD certification exam highlight the presence of the Unix family at SCALE.

The BSD Certification Group will offer BSDA certification exam at SCALE on Sunday, Jan. 24, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Exam candidates should be proficient in the BSDA Certification Requirements and the Command Reference, both of which are available as a free download. Participants need to register for a BSDCG ID, and once you have an ID, choose SCALE as the site for your exam. Oh, and you’ll have to fork over $75, payable through Paypal or credit card.

While there could be more BSD speakers — cough, cough, SCALE organizers — BSD exhibitors on the expo floor will include, FreeBSD (along with the FreeBSD Foundation), NetBSD (of course, it’s running…), OpenBSD, and pfSense.

I’ve floated this idea on Twitter, and I’ll be glad to float it here, too: Birds of a Feather sessions are still being scheduled for SCALE. How about a BSD BoF ASAP, OK? Ping me at @lcafiero on Twitter and let’s discuss.

A note about next week: Because I’m covering SCALE 14X for FOSS Force, I won’t be writing a BSD column — try to contain your grief. I will, however, be reporting on a daily basis from the expo starting next Thursday. Watch this space, and see you next week.

We’re currently in the midst of our 2016 Indiegogo fundraising drive. Your support is crucial. Won’t you please visit our fundraising page and make a contribution to support FOSS Force?

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